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Officers for the Wisconsin State Patrol Alumni Association, Inc. (WSPAA) 
as of April 2018:

President Scott Lindemann 

Scott Lindemann was born in Milwaukee, WI in 1949, the first of 7 children. He graduated High School in 1968 and entered the US Army, being Honorably Discharged in 1971. 

He joined the State Patrol in 1972 with the 23rd Recruit Class. As the second class that year, all members graduated as Inspectors and Scott was assigned to the Racine Scale. In October of 1973, he was promoted to Trooper and assigned to District 5 in "C" Troop. When interstate sectors were updated he was assigned to "B" Troop in Monroe County with Sergeant Bud Miller. Scott volunteered as an advisor for the Explorer Post at District 5, and when the Post wanted to have a shooting program, he was the first Trooper to be trained as a firearms instructor at the WSP Academy for that program. Scott was also assigned as a member of the Patrols Shooting Team. Scott eventually served as an instructor in firearms both at the District Level and the Academy. Scott was a member of the Committee that recommended the first semi-auto pistol for the State Patrol and served as an instructor and armorer of that weapon until his retirement in 2003. In 1995 Scott was promoted to Sergeant in La Crosse County, "C" Troop in District 5.

In 1987 Scott Joined the Sparta Fire Department as a volunteer. He and his wife also became volunteer EMT's with the local Ambulance Service. In 1990 Scott was promoted to Chief of the Fire Department. He retired from the Department in 2011 after 33 years.

Scott was asked to join the Monroe County Crime Stoppers organization when he retired in 2003. He was elected President of the local club in 2013.

Scott developed another career with the Monroe County Sheriff's Department where he now volunteers his time scheduling prisoner transports.

Scott and his wife of 42 years, Georgia, lost their only daughter, Catherine "Katie" Lindemann in 1999 from cancer.

Vice-President Phil Wenzel 

Phil graduated from the Wisconsin State Patrol Academy with the 17th & 18th class out of Whitewater in 1968, assigned to District 1 Sauk County “A” Troop.  In February of 1976 he transferred to District 4 Marinette County, then transferred back to Sauk County in 1977 and remained there until 1982 and transferred back to District 4 Adams County and remained there until he retired in 2002 with 34 ½ years of service.

Phil saw action during the Viet Nam riots, the Abby take-over in Gresham, the treaty disputes near Hayward, the prison riots in Green Bay, Fox Lake and Waupun. Spear fishing in northern Wisconsin for 4 years each spring, security at UW football games. He trained county and municipal officers in crowd control at WSPA. Phil was part of the team that set up the drug interdiction for the State of Wisconsin and then taught in-service training for interdiction, gang awareness and occult religion.  He also taught at Western Wisconsin Tech in La Crosse, Madison Area Tech and Mid-State Tech in Wisconsin Rapids.

Phil spent 10 years on the Delton Fire & Rescue, became an EMT in 1980 and flew with the Air 10 program during Holiday weekend in summer.

Phil has been married to his wife Linda for 47 years, has 2 married daughters and 4 grandchildren. He is currently the Director of Safety, Security & Risk management for Chula Vista Resort.  Phil has served as a rep for the WSPAA southwest region for the last 4 years.

Secretary Gary BroganSecretary Gary Brogan 

Gary was born and raised in Upper Michigan, graduated from L’Anse, Michigan high school in 1958 and went right into the Army to be an MP with training at Fort Gordon, Georgia. Due to an Army snafu at Fort Leonard Wood he stayed there for combat engineer training instead. He was in Germany by the end of 1958 and became the Battalion Orders Clerk of the 317th Combat Engineers. He returned home to Upper Michigan but then moved to South Milwaukee to look for better employment opportunities. He met his wife Kathy there and they were married in 1963. They have been very blessed with over 51 years of marriage, five sons and ten grandchildren.

Gary worked in the trucking industry as manager of the customer service and freight claim departments for more than 25 years, he and his family lived in the Milwaukee, Marshall / Sun Prairie and Rockford IL areas. His employment required his traveling most of Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota. After the trucking industry was deregulated he always considered himself extremely fortunate to obtain employment in the State of Wisconsin Department of Health and Social Services.

Later he transferred to the Wisconsin State Patrol District 1 in Madison as a PCO. He always felt this was one of the best opportunities and decisions ever made with regard to his employment as he was already familiar with many of the businesses, roads and highways in the State.

Being a history buff he later applied for an opening of PCO at the Capitol Police Department in Madison. It was another very enjoyable time of employment being able to work in and explore our Capitol.

After retirement he held a number of various jobs driving for the Colonial Club in Sun Prairie, driving truck for NM Transfer in Neenah and occasional volunteer work.

Treasurer Linda Woldt

Linda began her time with the Wisconsin State Patrol, District 1 in April of 1980. She worked in the office for approximately ten years and then entered the WSP Academy, Fort McCoy in July of 1990.

Linda was a member of the 40th Recruit Class and graduated in November of 1990. She worked as an Inspector initially in Dane County and then transferred to a Trooper position also in Dane County. She retired from the State Patrol in April, 2001.

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